"Be Comforted"

When you go through a trial, test or a death of a friend or a family member like we just have, people send you cards of condolences and sympathy. Others phone to express their condolences and you take comfort and strength knowing that your friends and family care about the trial, test or loss of a family member that you are going through. We in the Church must never forget that God has also provided for us a Comforter and that is the Holy Spirit, which comes from God. In John 14: 26, Christ states that the Comforter will teach us all things and help us to remember the things, which were taught to us by Christ.

God’s Spirit in us not only comforts us but gives us hope by giving us an understanding that the world does not have — especially as it relates to the loss of a loved one. We know that there is a better world coming, one of peace and harmony. Rev. 21:3-4 tells us that God will dwell with us, that He will wipe away ALL tears, and that the former things will pass away. What former things? Death, suffering, funerals, famine, pestilence and every evil brought upon man by rebellion against God — all that will be vanished. The only tears will be tears of joy. We can take comfort in knowing that Christ, as our High Priest and Elder Brother, learned obedience through the things He suffered (Heb.5: 8). No matter what the trial or suffering we go through, we can rest assured that we have the love and empathy from our Savior Jesus Christ. Having lived in the flesh, He understands our infirmities and weaknesses. He is an advocate for us before God the Father.

Understanding this helps us to better understand why James says, “Count it all joy when you fall into various trials.” (James 1:2). Let us not be discouraged by trials, test or loss of a loved one, but let us take comfort in the fact that Christ, through the Spirit, is there to comfort us, and that God will NEVER leave or forsake us. This is especially true when we face trials — with this knowledge, we can BE COMFORTED.

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