How Are You Doing With Your Sword

A Samurai Warrior is an expert at using his sword for offensive as well as defensive means. He attains this level by training for many years under a tutor. He continues to practice and to keep his sword sharp and in a good condition. He is a fine example of practice leading to perfection. Professional musicians serve as additional examples for the need of continued practice. A famous violinist once said it was crucial for him to stay in form by practicing every day. He said if he did not practice for one day, he knew it. If he did not practice for two days, the critics knew it. If he failed to practice for three days, the audience knew it.

The question I would like to pose in this editorial is how are we doing with OUR sword? Are we PRACTICING the use of our sword? Our sword, according to Ephesians 6:17, is actually God’s sword that He gave us to be used by us, thereby accepting it as “our” sword. This sword is the Word of God — in other words, the Bible.

We can see how effectively Christ used His sword against Satan, as recorded in Matthew 4:3-10. Christ remembered and applied the Word of God to deflect the arrows of Satan, as it were, to defeat his attack on Him. Satan was attempting to get Him to sin, so that Christ would disqualify Himself as our Savior.

After this encounter, Satan left Him for a season or for another “opportune time” (Luke 4:13), which means he never quit. He just took a pause in his effort to bring Christ down. Bear in mind that Satan doesn’t rest from his efforts today to also bring us down. He is described as a roaring lion, walking about and “seeking whom he may devour” (1 Peter 5:8).

We, as brothers and sisters of Christ and children of God the Father, need to keep our swords sharp and ready for use. We do this by the continuous study of the Word of God. The Bible is our complete weapon to thwart the efforts of the adversary in his attempts to get us to fall short of our calling.

We should be studying God’s Word daily. We can find comfort in the recorded examples of how God dealt with His servants in the past. Internalizing God’s laws in our minds, and learning how to apply the laws and statutes in our daily lives, should be a top priority in our studies. We read in 2 Timothy 2:15, in the Authorized Version, that we should study to show ourselves approved unto God. Are we doing this?

As Christian soldiers, we need to ensure that we remain faithful in our responsibilities to God the Father and Jesus Christ. This means that we need to practice daily the use of God’s Word. We must keep our sword ready for use when required, and we need to show ourselves approved unto God by our daily study of His Word, the Bible. At the successful end of our training, brethren, we will enter the Kingdom of God — a goal well worthy of the effort that is required of us now.

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