Just as it happened to Adam and Eve, to the children of Israel and to anyone with whom God is revealing Himself, so-also-has it happened to us. We must make choices of life and death importance!

Today, we call this “free moral agency.”

Always making right choices is a quality of God’s character. Being a Christian and having the approach of Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit is the way in which we take on this same character of God. Hebrews 2:10 speaks of God “bringing many sons to glory”-eternal life in the family of God.

What we face in this process is learning to make right choices. The danger for us lies in making wrong choices. Wrong choices are usually the easy ones. We sugar coat these with justifications such as saying we told a “little white lie”. Oftentimes, we procrastinate instead of really engaging in what is good. This kind of action on our part can easily become a wrong choice.

In Deuteronomy 30, God commands us to choose life. Yet WE must choose!

Christ focused on this critical responsibility we face in Matthew 7 when He warned that the way to destruction was an easy path. However, He went on to reveal that the more difficult path does lead to life.

Just be aware that our choices are the hard ones! Each day we are to make the choice that God has set before us. Let us continue to fight the good fight and do
as God commands-“choose life”.

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