Falling Short

From time to time, we may hear politicians use the following expression, when they attempt to address their failures and mistakes: “My apologies to you that I have fallen short.” It appears that the public acknowledgements of shortcomings, errors and mistakes are often summed up as “falling short.” This reminds me of the Biblical admonition in Romans 3:23: “… for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.”

Similar sentiments, you might think, but God’s Word clearly outlines man’s capacity to break the law of God and to miss the mark in living a truly Godly life. However, a politician’s remark of “having fallen short” is a euphemism for admitting mistakes without actually saying so.   Pride enters the scene. For many years now in the UK and other Western societies, the political scene has been awash with “spin” and political double talk, much more than in previous times. Man’s way is much different from the way – and the Word – of God.

God says what He means, and His inspired Word pulls no punches. Even the sins, mistakes and shortcomings of Bible heroes are not glossed over. When God speaks, we can totally rely on His Word; when men speak, we cannot have that same assurance.

We are privileged to have been called by God on Whom we can utterly rely. We certainly sin and fall short of the glory of God, and when we do, we need never be frightened to acknowledge our wrongs and to petition God for forgiveness. Pride is something that we must eradicate in our lives, but those who have pride usually find it difficult to say that they have been wrong – “falling short” is often as far as they will go. Unlike politicians of all persuasions, we are not being judged by the electorate, but by the great God of the universe – and how thankful we should be for that!

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