Decisions, Decisions

We make many decisions every day.  If we stop and think for a moment, we probably make hundreds or even more, on a daily basis.  Most of them quite banal, but nonetheless choices that have to be made.  The number of critical decisions that we make each day is considerably less, in comparison.  And what about life and death decisions–how many of these do we make a day?

Believe it or not, we probably make quite a few of these determinations each and every day, though we do not often couch them in these terms–decisions when and where to walk across a street; whether or not to run a yellow light; how high to climb a ladder; and the list goes on. 

Often, without taking stock of the potential consequences, we put ourselves in physical danger where mortal death is a real possibility.

The real question though is, how frequently are we in spiritual harm’s way?  The answer again is, probably more often than we think.  Are we tempted to “stretch the truth” in our conversations; do we put materialism or our own desires ahead of God; or do we steal time from our employer? We might think of any one of a myriad of other infractions.

Often, without taking stock of the potential consequences, we put ourselves in spiritual danger where eternal death is a real possibility.

As Christians, we know that the penalty for unrepented sin is everlasting death.  NOW is the time to be choosing wisely.  We need to let God know that we are willing to present ourselves as living sacrifices–to lay down our lives daily for His Way. 

God has set two ways before us: blessing and cursing; good and evil; life and death. Therefore, let us choose blessing, good… and LIFE!

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