Restrictions Removed

Recently, the now defunct cricket team that I used to play for, had a reunion match, and I was invited to play. Many of us had not seen each other for many years, and a friendly match was arranged against a local team. As we batted first, I was asked to open the batting and was going along nicely, until I pulled hamstrings in both legs–at the same time! This shouldn’t have come as a shock as I am now 67 and hadn’t played for about seven years, and so it was almost inevitable that lack of such activity coupled with age might present a few physical difficulties. And so it turned out to be. Apart from the hamstring problems, I discovered (not unreasonably) that I was not quite as quick at running as I expected to be, or used to be–something that playing against some youngsters about half a century younger than I clearly illustrated! This wonderful body that God has given us does wear away with age!

It got me to thinking about the restrictions that age can bring and that the Feast of Trumpets that we will keep in just about one week will not only be the joyous time of Christ’s return, but it will also be the time when faithful and loyal members of God’s Church will be instantly changed to spirit beings (1 Corinthians 15:51-52). It will be a time when our mortal bodies will put on immortality, and when we will have all of the restrictions removed that an earthly body imposes on us. No more pulled hamstrings; no more getting out of breath after some physical activity; and no more aches, pains, diseases and general ill health.

I look forward to my next game of cricket, probably next year, which will, no doubt, have the possibility of the body failing again in some way, but I look forward much more, as we all surely do, to the fulfillment of the next Feast day that we will soon be celebrating. That will be a time when all physical restrictions will be removed as we look forward to an eternity with God. What a future!

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