Why Continue to Preach the Gospel?

As has been announced on the Internet for the last several weeks, on September 7, 2008, we will be conducting a free public Bible lecture in Fort Collins, Colorado. In the lecture, which we also hope to broadcast live over the Internet, I intend to speak about the prophetic LAST and FINAL resurrection of the ancient Holy Roman Empire in Europe, and its future devastating impact on the rest of the world, including the United States of America, Great Britain and the nation of Israel. While especially the USA is preoccupied with the current ongoing and tiresome election campaigns for the new presidency, or rather mundane news pertaining to John Edward’s infidelity, the world is blinded to events which are REALLY important.

To focus on prophecy and to announce what IS going to happen is part of our ongoing commission to preach the gospel of the Kingdom of God. Jesus told us that we are to watch the news to determine the signs of the time, enabling us to prepare for His return. For example, without Europe’s unification; without America’s downfall; and without Europe’s invasion of the Middle East (all leading to or being a part of the Great Tribulation)–Jesus would not return (Matthew 24:21-22, 27)! And without the continual preaching of the gospel of the Kingdom of God in the modern nations of the ancient house of Israel and in all the world–as a witness–Jesus would not return, either (Matthew 10:23; 24:14).

There are some, even though they claim to be part of the Church of God, who think and teach that it is no longer necessary to preach the gospel–that our commission has been fulfilled and ended. NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH! In fact, those who teach this, SIN against God by not fulfilling His COMMAND to His Church to preach the gospel (Matthew 28:18-20). They SIN against others for misleading and encouraging them to DISOBEY God. And they SIN against themselves, because ONLY those who are actively involved in God’s Work of preaching the gospel will overcome their own selves more quickly. When we focus on the Work of God, we focus on others–how we can help them by teaching them the truth–rather than on ourselves and our temporary problems.

We can be involved in God’s Work in many different ways. We can participate actively in its many tasks; we can wholeheartedly pray for its success and we can support it financially. For example, we should ALL continuously pray for the success of the upcoming Bible lecture, and that those whom God may want to call will attend to be able to hear the truth. In Colorado, our members will distribute local ads and flyers, announcing the lecture. This takes time and effort, but those who are dedicated to God’s plan for mankind will fulfill that task wholeheartedly and with zeal and dedication.

God wants us to pray: “Your Kingdom Come.” Are YOU praying DAILY for this mind-boggling and unparalleled event–an event which will END all misery and pain on this planet and which will bring true and lasting happiness and peace? Do you understand that the new American President–whoever he may be–will NOT bring prosperity and peace to his country, nor to the rest of the world? All his human dedication, efforts and pre-election promises will not be able to do this. ONLY Jesus Christ will accomplish it.

How much are YOU longing for the glorious event of Christ’s return, ushering in the new and better world tomorrow? How much do YOU understand YOUR PART in God’s plan? How often have YOU prayed this week for the SUCCESS of God’s Work–including for the success of the Bible lecture in Colorado? Were you too busy and too occupied with your job, your family, your financial obligations, your entertainment, sports and other pleasures that you DID NOT HAVE TIME FOR GOD and His Work? God wants to see how much YOU are REALLY part of His Church–how much YOU REALLY understand His plan and WHY He did call YOU TODAY–ahead of the billions of people to be called at a LATER time!

If you have hidden sins in your life, get rid of them NOW. This is not the time to keep on sleeping, but to AWAKE and to become ZEALOUS and DEDICATED. Don’t listen to those who DECEIVE you by teaching that God’s Work of proclaiming the good news of a better world has ended. Rather, get behind God’s Work with all your heart, might and strength. When you honor GOD in this way, He will bless you tremendously in this life–and He will give you eternal life in the world to come.

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