God Does Protect Us

On the Sabbath of September 13, I was walking from the car park to church services and had an accident. For no apparent reason, I fell headlong, injuring my left side and my back. As I tried to protect myself, I seemed to almost bounce off the pavement and hit my side and back on a steel post. For a couple of minutes, the pain was excruciating, but then seemed to lessen. It was very uncomfortable, and three days later I went to the hospital. After being seen by a nurse and two doctors plus having a lumbar x-ray, I was advised that there was no damage except for the very obvious bruising. Time would heal.

That morning I had prayed for a number of things, one of which was for protection. Did God not hear my prayer or was there another explanation? To the skeptic or unbeliever, this would be good ammunition for them to try and prove their case. But to me it entirely DISPROVED their point!

If God always healed us, then we would never die. If we were always protected from everything, then we would never know how others suffered when they had accidents. And aren’t we promised tests and trials? For me, the key was that God DID protect me from anything serious. I could have hit my head on that steel post, causing concussion, brain damage or even death. I could have smashed my face, had severe dental damage, injured my eyes or any number of other scenarios. Even my spectacles which were in my pocket were undamaged, and they would have been expensive to replace.

Yes, I did have a couple of weeks of pain, soreness and quite severe bruising in many places, but that was it. And yes, I believe that I really was protected from what could have been so much worse. God is the protector of His people. Let us always trust Him for His protection.

Many of God’s people will be traveling, in some cases long distances, to keep the Feast of Tabernacles. Some will drive hundreds of miles while others will fly. Let us all pray for one another that we will all be protected on the outward and return journeys and also during the Feast. This is another area where we can be of service to the brethren and put our trust in the One Who will, and does, protect us.

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