Are YOU Converted?

Is our conversion to be measured by a series of actions we took at the very beginning periods of our calling? Is conversion something neatly tucked away— along with learning about the truth of God and being baptized?

If we are judged by our conduct, by our actions with family, friends, neighbors and—especially—our brethren, do our actions rise to the level of being truly converted?

Have you noticed a theme over the past several weeks in sermons, sermonettes and our written materials that deals with inter-personal relationships within the Church of God? That has not come about by accident! Rather, we have addressed problems that need to be taken seriously and very, very personally!

It would seem that the prevailing view and reaction is that this is certainly needed. But how many of us really apply these admonitions as personal correction? And how many of us implement the changes that we need to make?

Throughout both the best of times and the worst of times in the history of the Church of God, friction between people arises. It has, and it will again! This is a kind of thermometer—or, a litmus test—of our conversion in action. If we have not made it a point to stay mindful of valiantly struggling to walk as Jesus Christ walked, learning to think as He thinks, then we are doomed to fall back to our own personal likes and dislikes—to our own unconverted way of viewing and treating others; however, we are warned to not become entangled in these former ways once we have begun to live in the newness of conversion as Christians (Compare 2 Peter 2:18-22).

As we should know and as we have been reminded, what we do to others and how we treat them measures our conversion. Jesus Christ is the One doing this evaluation, and He, in no uncertain terms, warns us that our actions towards others is exactly how He views our treatment of Himself!

Shame on us if we refuse to humble ourselves and begin to love one another, as we ought! And shame on us if our own actions should cause someone to ask, “Are YOU converted”?

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