Have you ever seen professional athletes, at the top of their game, train for an upcoming event?  They work long and hard, put their bodies through a nightmare of rigor and pain, and deny themselves even the smallest pleasures in life. They do this all in the name of a sport and in the pursuit of play. It is done to accomplish something that will not last, but rather will fade away and come to naught. Yet, they put their blood, sweat and tears into it.

Now what if they put all that energy and effort into something that is infinitely more important, beneficial and lasting… like the spiritual race set forth in the Bible? The fruits that such an effort would produce, would be colossal. If they were to be as conscientious about their spiritual life as they had been about their physical life, can you imagine the growth that would result?

Can you imagine if a person were to study, pray and fast like their livelihood depended on it?  Now, can you imagine that person being you?

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