Hello Kettle!

The book of Romans starts with an endearing introduction (Romans 1:6-13) where Paul tells the recipients of the letter, God’s chosen people, how renowned their faith is in the whole world. Also he tells how he would love nothing more than to come and see them and he prays such. Then Paul, who doesn’t mince words, gets serious right away talking about the way of the sinful, evil and wicked, and the acts that betray them. This is the way chapter 1 ends.

Romans 2:1-3 then comes to the heart of the matter. Here Paul tells them, the ones he regards so highly, that they are doing what they accuse others of doing. This has to cut to the quick. If you can imagine them reading this letter for the first time, they were, no doubt, echoing Paul’s sentiments about the state of the world that they were living in (Romans 1:21-32), that was up to the point that he accused them of doing the same thing. What a shock it must have been for these people called of God, to be compared with those whom God disdains.

The Passover season is now upon us. As we know, it is a time for introspection and self-assessment. Paul has given us some insight into making our efforts a little more profitable. During the course of the year we won’t have many people, if any, come up to us and tell us our faults and sins. So it is up to each one of us to try and take an honest inventory of who and what we are. ONE hint in doing this is to ask ourselves what it is that annoys and irks us in others…and then truthfully look into the mirror and see if we are guilty of what we accuse another. Do we get upset with others because it is a reflection of what we are doing? Is it a means of diverting attention away from the exact same thing that we are doing?

Instead of us being the Pot that calls the Kettle black, let’s realize that when we “point the finger” we need to be cognizant of where the 3 other fingers are pointing.

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