Course Corrections

Often when playing golf with others, I hear them exclaim, “That’s not where I was aiming,” as their ball goes flying off the fairway into some danger.  The problem is that the ball went EXACTLY where they were aiming, just not where they were intending. Their feet, body, club, hands, etc. were all set up in such a way that the shot never had a chance of ending up where they wanted it to, but did end up literally where it was aligned.

When we look at where we are in life, are we where we want to be with our job, family, relationships, church, God, etc.?  No?  Are we at a point along the line that we were aiming? Yes!  As we go through life, sometimes we find ourselves somewhere where we never wanted to be.  If we are honest in our assessment of all the choices we have made, then we are EXACTLY at a point along these lines.

When driving a golf ball, if the hit is only a few degrees off of the intended mark, this can spell trouble.  The longer the drive, the further off course it can be.  The longer we continue to head in a wrong direction, even if it is unintentional, the farther we get from our original goal.

One of the interesting aspects of golf though, is that there are several chances to get it up on the green and into the hole.  If a mistake is made and the golfer has gone askew off the target, there is an opportunity to reassess the situation and get back on track with the next shot.

We can do the same as we endeavor to walk down the Path.  If we look up today and find ourselves off the road we had been traveling, even slightly, we have been afforded the opportunity to also make adjustments and zero in on our Ultimate Goal.  The sooner we do this and the more accurately we hone in, the better off we are going to be, and the more likely we will not only hit where we were aiming, but where we intended also.

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