Day by Day

by Michael Link

After having been placed on a leave of absence from my job for three months, I returned to my work. However, my thought had been to start focusing on my music career by going into the studio with my band to record our first album, essentially being “hired” by the one who had discovered us. During that time it did not materialize, and I couldn’t understand what the reason was, but the time off proved to be of some value.

I was able to spend quality time with my son who is now a year old. My availability opened up to being able to help out more in other ways, whether it was for the church, for the family, and even for myself, by doing things I couldn’t otherwise have done as much. 

As I returned to work, I had to realize certain factors.  First of all, I still had a job and having been off work temporarily was a nice blessing as well. On the other hand, my benefits had run out during my time off, since the accumulation of funds into our health savings account had ceased and the money that was left in the account had been spent.

Right now, I am facing a day by day situation. In all honesty, that is really all I can say since my dream is very much alive, when it comes to the music, but the only unsure issue in my mind is the timing. I know that God is very much involved when it comes to that.  I may not know the actual reason behind the delay, but He does, and I have to continue to respect it, as I continue to pray His Will to be done.  Patience and faith is a continuous process that I can’t let go of and with certain matters in life that I don’t have answers for at this moment, this is exactly what I have to do – take it day by day.

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