Can I Afford to Tithe?

by Delia Messier

Tithing was a difficult concept to practice at first, especially as we were poor. “We can’t afford to tithe, to be in this church,” hearing a family say, as they walked away.

There were challenges, and at times we would ask ourselves, “How in the world can this work out?” There were times when our extended families would express concern about our tithing, shaking their heads, saying: “You’re giving all of your money away!”

But we held to God’s promise that He would take care of us, and we watched, at times in amazement, how things would turn around in our favor. It always worked out! God helped us in every way!

We learned to trust Him! We learned to be patient, to work hard, to do things ourselves, to improvise, to make do and appreciate. Our lives were full and exciting.

When our extended families visit today, they still shake their heads, as they look at our many blessings, as well as our beautiful big home and property–one that they would wish for themselves–and they cannot understand or figure it out, saying:  “How in the world could this have happened?”

Can I afford to tithe? I can’t afford not to, and I only wished that all of my family would understand this.

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