Silence Is Truly Golden

by Louise Amorelli

Recently my husband and I have had events in our lives where there was little down time. Family matters and visits, immediate and long term home repair attention, summer land/tree maintenance and other seemingly important responsibilities have been taking up a good chunk of our summer days. It seems like one day was just a continuing previous day without end!

I started to ask myself lots of questions. When is the down time?   Do we have the right balance?   Did we overextend ourselves in family matters/visits and make the right decisions? Should we let some things go and in what order of importance should they be? Do we fully trust God that He will not give us more than we can bear? What lessons is He teaching me?  But the one thing I realized most is that there was no quiet time… no silence… no time to meditate and re-evaluate on these issues daily.  Not only to rest physically but also to rest spiritually.  My body and brain were on overload and needed space and time to breathe!

Things needed to change – something was wrong! I needed to STOP and MAKE that time to meditate on the day’s activities in how I did spiritually and how to improve and meditate on my choices. Without that meditation time, I was just going from one day to the next without analyzing my actions against Godly principles and making the necessary, albeit difficult, changes that God requires of me.  What amazed me is how Satan can try and steal this very precious time!

I had better appreciate how important silence and meditation really are, so that I can be a true beacon of light in this world and to be a help in God’s Kingdom to come. After all, it’s not all about the physical, but about the spiritual.  I look forward to God’s Kingdom of true peace, where there will be time for all to meditate on God’s Word. In this fast-paced Satan-inspired world, silence is not only golden–it is refining! 

©2023 Church of the Eternal God