by Shelly Bruno

My son came bounding into my room first thing in the morning last week, grinning and thrilled that it was his first day of school. In the weeks prior, he had been counting the days and would repeatedly ask, “How many more days until school starts?”

I have been amazed at his joy and anticipation. My husband and I would exchange glances as he expressed his excitement, trying to remember if we had experienced the same feelings as children.

What am I that excited about? What do I anticipate that earnestly? I know there is something I should be that excited about: God’s way of life. But do I bound into church services each week thrilled to be there, or grin with joy as I study the Bible? It’s clear I should have a childlike innocence in approaching this way of life by walking toward it with complete innocence, trust, and excitement about the gift that God is offering. How can I unlearn old habits and reawaken a childlike outlook? I can look to my son’s example as a start, and I can also trust that God will give me those things I lack. Then I can ask my own question with excitement: “How many more days until Christ’s return?”

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