Be of Good Cheer!

by Delia Messier    

It has been a most exciting, busy and sometimes very challenging summer! The house was full of children and grandchildren, friends and extended family from far and near. There was much love but also some sadness and bitterness!

My mind goes back to my six  “D’s” that I have incorporated over time since my conversion: devotion, dignity, discretion, discipline, discernment and dedication. To help my spiritual growth, build better relationships and have a better life, it is necessary to attain and perfect my six “D’s.”

I have learned that everything boils down to overcoming Satan, this world, while not being overcome by them and myself. Though I have striven for so long to become victorious, I am still struggling! Then I begin to remember and really appreciate what Christ said: “Be of good cheer, for I have overcome the world.”

This really hits home for me! This gives me hope and the courage to keep striving and not to quit. Then one day I may be able to say:  I have overcome too!

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