His Truth Is Marching On

by Phyllis Bourque

A well-known hymn that we sometimes sing in Church services is entitled, “Battle Hymn of the Republic.” In this hymn, the phrase “His truth is marching on” has deep personal meaning for me in light of changes that have taken place in the Churches of God through the years.

A seemingly normal course of ministerial transition in the Church was to train men to serve in various ways and to learn to speak to the congregation, ultimately being ordained to various offices according to their growth. I remember when listening to their messages, which most often were scriptural proof messages, I would nod my head and say to myself, “Yes, I agree. What you are saying is true.”

But something is different now with the messages I hear from our men in this organization. I hear, and see, a depth of conversion and commitment in them that goes beyond proving Scriptures, and I find myself inspired by their messages–their experiences, their perspective–not simply agreeing with the words of proof. Their growth became even more evident at the Feast this year as the speakers stepped forward and shouldered the many responsibilities put upon them, including giving multiple messages, all in stride. Their service to the Church and their care and concern for God’s people was sincere.

So what I see is that in spite of changes in leadership and organizations through the years, God has provided a clear path and continuity of instruction to facilitate my journey of conversion that began over 43 years ago, and thanks to a faithful ministry at this time, the truth is still marching on… and I am still being inspired to make changes in my life!

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