History Is Repeating Itself

Unspeakable images of injuries and death on a daily basis! A people being terrorized by an unscrupulous tyrant! Women with their children seeking shelter from constant bombardment or fleeing their homes, while their husbands and sons and even daughters are fighting the ruthless enemy.

I am speaking of course about Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine while the world is unwilling to provide the military assistance which would be needed to defeat Russia’s war machine and to end the suffering of innocent civilians in a sovereign country.

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has asked the West time and again to stop their “appeasement” of Russia. It has been pointed out that the recent conference in Munich had clear echoes of the 1938 summit in Munich in which leaders agreed to a policy of appeasement against Adolf Hitler in an effort to prevent an imminent war.

Zelenskyy expressed his frustration with NATO for refusing the establishment of a no-fly zone over Ukraine and for refusing to provide fighter jets to defend against Russia’s air force bombing Ukrainian cities (even though it was announced on March 6 that the United States was “working actively” on a deal with Poland to supply Ukraine with jets to fight invading Russians). NATO has taken the position that granting such help would mean declaring war on Russia—a perception with which Putin wholeheartedly agrees. In fact, Putin even said that the West’s issuance of sanctions was already akin to a declaration of war.

Even though Ukraine expressed their appreciation for whatever assistance they are receiving from the West, they have been saying that the help is not enough. This may ultimately lead to a rejection of NATO, and a movement toward Russia, if conditions there were to change. In World War 2, Ukraine was at first aligned with Germany against Russia, but then switched sides due to their disappointment with Hitler’s actions. It is prophesied that ultimately, a collaboration of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus will form which will be in opposition to the EU.

The current situation has set in motion or at least accelerated prophetic developments. For one, a confederation of the “kings of the East” is being established.  Especially China, India, Pakistan, North Korea and Iran have refused to condemn Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the unprovoked war which Putin started.

In addition, Germany and the rest of Europe have “unified” as never before and have (re-)discovered their “need” to establish a mighty and powerful army. The Week wrote on March 5 that “Putin has inadvertently accomplished what often seemed impossible — bringing the continent together on foreign policy and thereby laying a solid foundation for a true United States of Europe…  the EU will keep evolving toward becoming a fully autonomous super-state…”

The Washington Post stated on March 3 that German chancellor Olaf Scholz “announced a historic ramp up in military spending to meet the Russian threat… a recent poll showed 78 percent of the Germans backed Scholz’s plan…  it’s also an acknowledgment of the unpredictability of U.S. politics.” German Finance minister Christian Lindner stated that the Bundeswehr is to become the strongest army in Europe.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is causing Europe to establish a prophesied powerful European army, under German leadership, to be able to “defend” against Russian aggression, while realizing the unreliability of the USA, which refuses to send soldiers to Ukraine, even though they had promised Ukraine in the past security protection.

Another interesting development in the light of biblical prophecies may not be that obvious at first sight, but I feel that it clearly exists. I am speaking about obvious similarities between Hitler and Putin.

The Washington Post wrote on February 24: “… some observers see [in Putin’s invasion of Ukraine] brutal similarities to Hitler’s seizure of Czechoslovakia just before World War II… Hitler wanted to take over all of Europe… Putin wants to restore Czarist Russia, the Russian empire…. [Hitler] was plotting the seizure of part of Czechoslovakia, claiming that ethnic Germans in the Sudeten regions bordering eastern Germany were being mistreated.” That is exactly what Putin is saying about Russians living in Ukraine. Both accusations were and are totally without merit.

The Sun wrote on February 25 that “Putin is the new Hitler… And like Hitler, he spews vicious apocalyptic threats to scare off any resistance…If the US lets Putin use his nuke threats to scare them off, Russia will continue its nation-seizing rampage like the Nazis did in 1938/9.” Thomson/Reuters wrote on February 25 that “Zelenskyy said on Friday…  the bombing of Kyiv was reminiscent of Nazi Germany’s attacks during World War Two…”

Some have proposed to assassinate Putin, drawing another parallel between Putin and Hitler. Greenwich Time wrote on March 4 that Sen. Lindsey Graham said “that the ‘only way’ to end the crisis in Ukraine is for Russians to assassinate President Vladimir Putin,” adding, “‘Is there a more successful Colonel Stauffenberg in the Russian military?’… referencing… the German military officer who attempted to kill Adolf Hitler…”

That attempt failed, as many other attempts to kill Hitler failed as well. At least some of the attempts should not have failed, but “circumstances” prevented their success. A bomb smuggled in Hitler’s plane did not go off; a bomb deposited at Hitler’s podium went off too late because Hitler had unexpectedly cut short his speech. Even Stauffenberg’s attempt would in all likelihood have succeeded if the party had assembled in a bunker, as originally planned, but Hitler changed the location shortly before Stauffenberg’s arrival, and the briefcase with the bomb which Stauffenberg had placed next to Hitler was moved to a more distant place before it went off. As a consequence, Hitler was only slightly injured. As he did often, he thanked “fate” (“Vorsehung”) for his protection.

If the history of Nazi Germany under Hitler was repeating itself right now in Nazi Russia under the new Hitler—Putin—then any assassination attempt on Putin would fail at this point.

As we explained in our literature, Hitler was possessed by a demon, perhaps even Satan himself. And so, Satan gave him protection until he had carried out his evil devices, fulfilling thereby, together with Mussolini,  the short-lived ninth revival of the ancient Roman Empire. The evidence suggests that Putin is also possessed, perhaps by the same demon who possessed Hitler. I feel that the similarities between Hitler and Putin are too remarkable than being mere coincidence.

Putin has been lying from the outset about his invasion of Ukraine, and he keeps on lying now. He promised and agreed to a cease-fire arrangement, only to break it immediately. He follows the desires of his father, Satan the Devil. The same was true for Hitler. Putin is also determined to destroy the free press and only allow the propaganda of the state press, selling his war as a success domestically. Putin’s strategy is very similar to that of Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s propaganda minister. When Germany had been defeated in Stalingrad and German troops fled from the Russians, Goebbel’s propaganda machine announced Germany’s “victorious retreat” (“siegreicher Rueckzug”).

All of this points at demonic possession, because the demon having possessed Hitler and who is now possessing Putin follows the same modus operandi. But the most compelling conclusion that Putin is indeed demonically possessed is, in my view, his recent change in behavior. d-online wrote on March 5:

“[Some] argue that Putin has mental problems… Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio wrote…  that for many there is obviously something wrong with Putin and that clear change could be seen in the Russian President. For Condoleezza Rice, too, the man is now ‘another Putin’… Rice was first a national security adviser under George W. Bush, then US Secretary of State – and was often present at meetings with Putin.”

Hitler has been described as mentally sick, which explanation has been used for his mood swings. But in reality, he was possessed. What is normally not being considered, but should be, is that Putin’s change is also caused by demonic possession. And as Hitler had to fulfill his task, as directed by Satan, so will Putin. Once that is done, Satan will concentrate on the beast in Europe, a coming charismatic political and military leader of German or Austrian descent, and Satan will possess him. He will give him his power and great authority, setting in motion the Great Tribulation. And the beast will conduct himself very similarly to Hitler’s and Putin’s activities, because he will be possessed by the same force which possessed Hitler and which is now possessing Putin.

We observe with horror Putin’s terrible atrocities, as the world was stunned and appalled by Hitler’s evil deeds.  History is repeating itself, but next time, it will be so much worse. When the beast appears in a short while, the whole world will follow him. Satan’s deception will have reached a climax of unparalleled proportions. Only very few will be able to see through Satan’s evil devices and his diabolical plan for mankind’s annihilation. You should be one of those very few.

©2023 Church of the Eternal God