Keeping Unspotted from this Corrupt Lying World

When this Editorial is published, many are celebrating the lie of Christmas. The professing Christian world has embraced the Christmas story, allegedly in memory of the birth of Christ, while that holiday is pagan to the core and has nothing to do with our Savior. An “alternate” narrative of fake news has suppressed the Truth for almost 2,000 years and replaced it with human fairy tales inspired by Satan, thereby creating an alternate “reality.” But it is all nothing but a fanciful and harmful illusion.

We have witnessed another fanciful and harmful illusion—in fact, many of them—in the year 2020. If there was one development of events which had a common denominator and stood out more than any other, it would have been the role of the mass media, in conjunction with certain politicians and experts, in a combined effort to suppress and set aside the Truth, while publishing and propagating false and alternate narratives and fake-news “realities.”

Just think of governmental restrictions and lockdowns to combat the coronavirus pandemic, based many times on inflated figures of test results and “cases.” Much has been reported about the inaccuracies of the numbers, and you can read many articles in our weekly Updates quoting such information. The tragedy is, the mass media ignored the facts and engaged in a war against those who dared to disagree with the “official” opinions of Dr. Fauci and other “experts,” thereby allowing mainly left-wing state governments to engage in repeated lockdowns, while destroying the livelihood of small business owners and others and causing much more physical and mental harm to grandparents, parents, children and grandchildren than the coronavirus did or could have done.

You might also want to think of the mass media’s and the left-wing politicians’ treatment of violent demonstrations by, among others, the Antifa and Black Lives Matter movements, in combination with the attempt to destroy or rewrite America’s history and smash monuments of historical figures. If these events were reported at all, they were explained as legitimate expressions of concerns about racial discrimination, while those who pointed out the hypocrisy and racism on the part of violent demonstrators and their supporters were maligned and persecuted.

It should also not be surprising, of course, to realize that the presidential elections were rigged and stolen, according to the view of most Trump voters and many others. The mass media and many Democrats and anti-Trump groups have been trying desperately to suppress the evidence for such belief, even falsely alleging that claims of voter fraud and irregularities were baseless and without proof. This might backfire, as nearly 77% of Trump voters and over 35% of Independents and Democrats believe that the election was indeed stolen.

Long before Joe Biden became president-elect, as determined by the Electoral College in December, he was already referred to as such in the mass media, even though this was clearly premature and legally untenable. Worse yet, the mass media, being in cahoots with many Democrats, intentionally and willfully suppressed the Hunter Biden scandal until after the election, fearing that otherwise, their candidate would not win. They might have been right with that “concern.” It is telling that fifty-six percent of Americans believe it is likely Joe Biden was consulted and perhaps profited from his son Hunter’s overseas business deals, while fifty-two percent believe many news organizations ignored the Hunter Biden story to aid his father’s presidential campaign. In addition, according to one poll, seventeen percent of Biden voters said they would not have voted for him had they known what the national media refused to report. In another poll, at least 9.4 percent of Biden voters would have changed their vote if they had known about the Hunter Biden scandal. Many Americans who had already cast ballots in early voting unsuccessfully sought to change their votes after learning of the Hunter Biden emails.

Joe Biden has steadfastly refused to comment on his son’s alleged misconduct, except to say that he was totally uninformed about what his son was doing; that he did not obtain any financial benefits from his son’s conduct; that he trusts his son; and that he does not believe that his son did anything wrong. And that even though the evidence is mounting that all of these statements are dubious at best and false at worst. This got me thinking of God’s instructions in regard to the parent-child relationship; especially since Joe Biden is a practicing Catholic who claims to attend church every week.

There are many biblical examples of parents having been too negligent and permissive regarding their children’s unrighteous behavior. Eli knew about the corrupt conduct of his sons, but he did not prevent them from continuing in their service at the tabernacle (1 Samuel 2:12-17, 22-25).  A man of God told him that he honored his sons more than God (verse 29). Samuel did not correct his corrupt sons either, but let them continue in their ungodly behavior (1 Samuel 8:1-3). The same is true for David who did not rebuke his rebellious son Adonijah at any time (2 Samuel 23:5; 1 Kings 1:5-6). In every case, the consequences were disastrous.

It may be easy and convenient, as parents, to look the other way when it comes to their children, but this must not be done. We must follow God in everything, and we must love Him and His Word more than anyone or anything else, including our own mate, our families, our parents and our children, our friends, and even our own lives (Matthew 10:37-38; Luke 14:26). In Old Testament times, parents were asked not to tolerate the ungodly conduct of their unrepentant rebellious children. Rather, they had to show their disapproval, when called upon to do so (Deuteronomy 13:6-10; 21:18-21). The principle of physical or at least spiritual separation, if need be, still applies today, and it also applies, of course, to the children’s reaction towards the unrighteous behavior of their parents.

We are living in a thoroughly corrupt society, where anything goes. Every lie, every abomination is accepted and many times even propagated, while the truth is “fallen on the street” and “fails” (Isaiah 59:9-15). As true Christians, we cannot change society, realizing that this evil rotten world is Satan’s, not God’s. We should not expect to find righteousness where Satan governs, but we can and must pray for God’s Kingdom to come and His Government to be restored on this earth, while keeping ourselves unspotted from the world with its rulers, politicians and experts (James 1:27). And we must NEVER ever begin to justify and embrace the wrong ideas they stand for, nor tolerate and imitate their evil and corrupt actions.

©2023 Church of the Eternal God