Letter to the Brethren – January 11, 2010

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Dear Members, Co-Workers and Friends:

We are living indeed in perilous times. Even the news media is beginning to realize how terrible and dangerous this world has become. When Barack Obama was elected as the “president of change,” many thought that Americans might see a brighter future and that the relationship between the USA and other nations, including Europe, the Middle East and the Far East, might improve. However, it soon became obvious to most that such hope was a pipe dream. Of course, those who understood biblical prophecy knew from the outset that such wishful thinking had no place in God’s agenda.

This world is increasingly confronted with the total lack of true and competent leadership. As man is turning away from God, God has promised that He will be turning away from man. This is exactly what is happening today. This world is getting darker by the hour, and this means that the light of TRUE Christians must be shining ever brighter, lest they be overpowered by the darkness.

Wars are being fought in many places around the world, and many more are on the horizon. Afghanistan has proven to be an utter failure, and so is any illusionary hope of peace in the Middle East. NUCLEAR War with Iran is becoming a distinct possibility—with the potential of ultimately engulfing the entire world! It is highly likely that Israel will strike Iran in 2010 in light of useless American and European “sanctions” against a corrupt and fanatic Iranian regime.

Will the USA join Israel in fighting Iran militarily? When even the left-liberal press ADVOCATES a U.S. strike on Iran, we KNOW that the situation is SERIOUS and the dangers of war are REAL. Here is what the New York Times wrote on December 23, 2009:

“We have reached the point where air strikes are the only plausible option with any prospect of preventing Iran’s acquisition of nuclear weapons… The sooner the United States takes action, the better.”

Most think that President Obama won’t begin a pre-emptive war against Iran, but they might be mistaken. In his acceptance speech of the Nobel Prize in Oslo, the President made very clear that he won’t rule out war as a means of dealing with America’s enemies. In defending the highly unpopular Afghan war, he said, according to an article in the Financial Times, dated December 10, 2009: “We are at war, and I am responsible for the deployment of thousands of young Americans to battle in a distant land. Some will kill. Some will be killed.

The article went on to comment: “Mr. Obama’s frankness does not stop there, however. He keeps up this blunt approach before a Norwegian audience which… must have wondered at times whether they’d chosen the right guy for the peace prize. For the major theme of Obama’s speech is his defence of the ‘just war,’ of the argument that nations are right at times to take military action… what stands out, when considering the audience before which he stands, is his justification of military action when necessary. Barack Obama must surely be the first Nobel peace laureate ever to turn up at the prize ceremony and confront a notably pacifist audience with such belligerence.”

Also notice what Germany’s left-wing Tageszeitung wrote on January 7, 2010: “Barack Obama has never—not even during his electoral campaign—made a secret of the fact that he does not rule out war as a political tool. Otherwise he would not have been elected. Those in Europe who believed that his statement wasn’t serious, and was accompanied by a knowing wink towards the pacifists, only have themselves to blame. Military strength and the willingness to use it, are fundamental in the United States… You don’t have to like it, but ignoring this global political reality … reveals naivety. Whoever saw Obama as a prince of peace has made a mistake…”

But WARS won’t help the nation and the American people—especially when God is not on their side (compare Deuteronomy 1:42-45). A war with Iran would have devastating consequences. The sad question is, what other options are there? We must face the reality that no matter what man is trying to do in these end times, all his attempts to bring peace and prosperity and create a better life ARE DOOMED and PREDESTINED to FAILURE.

WHY? Because man has turned away from God—in a sense, man has proven for the last 6,000 years that he does not want God to be a part of his life. This world is CUT OFF from God. Man has tried to solve his many self-inflicted problems by trusting in his own abilities. All of his attempts have ended in disaster. Now we are facing the possibility that man’s technological advancements can wipe out ALL LIFE from this planet (compare Matthew 24:21-22). And since SATAN is the god of this world (2 Corinthians 4:4) who has deceived all nations (Revelation 12:9), we KNOW that man WILL use his technology.

The next worldwide NUCLEAR war—which the Bible prophesies to happen—would bring about certain and total annihilation—if it weren’t for God’s intervention. Jesus Christ promised that these terrible times would be shortened “for the elects’ sake” to PREVENT man from destroying himself. Christ WILL return to set up the Kingdom of GOD here on this earth (Revelation 11:15-18). He will appear as the KING of kings and the LORD of lords (Revelation 17:14; 19:11-16). Then man WILL learn to obey God (Isaiah 2:2-4); today, man scoffs at that idea.

Do we understand that God commands us to “come out of this world” and to be “separate” (2 Corinthians 6:17; Revelation 18:4)—not to have any part in its many systems? Are we really that naive to think that our individual participation in governmental elections would make a difference? Are we really that ignorant to believe that if we had voted during the last presidential election, somebody else would have been chosen as president, and matters would look better today? That kind of reasoning would be foolish to the core!

A nation is led by the leadership it deserves. And our nation today—and this world as a whole—simply does not deserve any better. We are REFUSING to let God come into our lives—and even professing Christians and popular ministers go with the flow of politically correct thinking—NOT DARING to speak up for God and His values, but rather buckling under the pressure of liberal “newscasters,” who report on the need of “fairness” for homosexual and transgender groups or other liberal God-defying movements.

Others buckle under the pressure of conservative radio hosts or right-wing “newscasters” or “commentators,” demanding as a patriotic national duty participation in the observance of Christmas, New Year’s, Easter, Halloween and other pagan holidays which are clearly so far removed from true Christianity as light is from day. Far too few DARE today to speak out against the real DANGERS of radical Islam or of radical fundamental “orthodox Christianity.” Having become accustomed to lies and deceits which are permeating our entire world in virtually every facet of our lives, we are truly reaping what we are sowing (compare Galatians 6:7).

Even some Christian ministers who should know better are afraid to speak up and quote pertinent biblical Scriptures for fear of persecution from “hate-law” legislation or arbitrary self-serving interpretations of the IRS code or similar tax provisions in other countries.

Christ told us to pray daily: “Your Kingdom Come.” Do we? Do we really? Do we understand that ONLY Christ’s Coming will bring an end to the evils of this world? Are we sighing and crying over the abominations perpetrated in our societies (compare Ezekiel 9:4; 2 Peter 2:7-8), realizing that GOD needs to send His Son very soon, lest we all be consumed in a nuclear nightmare?  Or do we think we know it better? Do we think we should just be “part of the crowd”?

In a recent editorial on “conformity,” Brian Gale wrote: “The world has just kept some of its festivals, and many have conformed to keeping Christmas and New Year because of peer pressure; not wanting to upset children, parents or family; or because it was a good excuse for a few days off work with, in many cases, riotous and wanton celebration.”

Brian Gale pointed out, however, that there IS conformity for true Christians. He wrote: “Conformity to God and His Way is totally opposite to the conformity that this world practices, particularly at the time of the year that has just passed. When we conform, let us be in line with our God and not in tune with what the world expects of us.”

This world is on a losing streak. No amount of good words, promises, platitudes, wishful thinking or even “strong and necessary” action will change that. It does not HAVE to be this way! Things COULD be different if man would begin to THINK and comprehend that HE is the cause for much of his misfortune! God tells us to consider our ways and to change (compare Haggai 1:5-11). In general, man laughs about such admonition and refuses to listen (compare Jeremiah 6:16-17; 8:4-6). But as true Christians, we had better take it to heart and DO what we are told. Because—my dear brethren and friends—time is RUNNING OUT.

In the Service of Jesus Christ, and with Christian love,

Norbert Link

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