Letter to the Brethren – June 18, 2019

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Dear Members, Co-Workers and Friends,

Even those who are not familiar with or interested in biblical prophecy begin to realize that this world, as we know it, won’t be able to survive much longer. Scientists moved their doomsday clock to 2 minutes to midnight, with midnight designating a global catastrophe and potentially the end of mankind. 

Among the many threats to human survival, nuclear war and a bioengineered pandemic are listed as leading candidates. The growing threat to wildlife and millions of species is mentioned as well. We also hear about the real possibility of huge earthquakes striking many parts of the world, accompanied by tremendous tsunamis.

The eruption of the Supervolcano in the Yellowstone National Park with horrible consequences for large parts of continental America is also considered to be a real possibility. Even a devastating collision of the earth with a huge asteroid must not be dismissed outright, as such events have taken place in the past. 

Bible scholars know that God predicts many frightening events as a prelude to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. But there have always been frightful occurrences in the past. Still, Christ has not returned. And so, we say in the introduction of our new free booklet, “How Can We Know that Jesus Christ’s Return Is Near?”: 

“Based on the upheaval at the time of Martin Luther, he believed that Christ would return soon, as did those who were plagued by the devastating Black Death. Strong earthquakes, heavenly occurrences, devastating natural disasters, famine, pestilences and great wars prompted many to believe that they would experience the soon-coming return of Christ. They all looked at certain signs and predictions, which were startling and frightening, but they did not look at the entire picture.”

We continue to ask these pertinent questions:

“Why do we feel that it is any different today? What specific world developments lead us to believe that Christ’s return is indeed near, and why are we confident that we are right at this point in time?”

The answers to these most important questions are fully explained in our new booklet, which we are enclosing with this letter. As we observe the fulfillment of major prophetic end-time events as described in our booklet, we KNOW that Christ’s Return is indeed very near. 

Let us face reality: The Return of Jesus Christ is the ONLY HOPE for this dying world and the survival of mankind. Otherwise, we would all be doomed. If Christ were not to return in OUR lifetime, no human being and no animal would survive! While terrible events are ahead of us, the GOOD NEWS is that Christ WILL return VERY SOON to end this present Satan-ruled evil civilization, and usher in God’s rule over and on this earth. 

Thanks be to God for that.

With Christian love,

Norbert Link

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