Letter to the Brethren – October 29, 2018

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Dear Members and Co-Workers,

We have returned from another year keeping God’s commanded Feast of Tabernacles. The peace and comradeship amongst God’s people made these festivals a needed respite from the troubles that increasingly plague this godless world. We returned to see one of the most powerful hurricanes in U.S. history drive deep inland and cause massive destruction in the Florida panhandle. The ire of Satan is upon this world and increasingly directed towards God’s people as prophesied events unfold. The kind of devastation throughout those southern states is only a hint at what this unrepentant world will soon face.

Satan despises what God loves and it is why He is so angry during these festival seasons. We must not take that knowledge lightly and allow Satan’s attitudes to influence our perspective. God commanded His people to observe His Holy Days, not begrudgingly or simply out of necessity but with an attitude of rejoicing (compare Deuteronomy 14:26). This year we did just that based upon the reports we give of the U.S. and German Feast sites.

Dave Harris reported on the Feast in the United States:

“For the third consecutive year, the US Feast site was in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, which is located adjacent to Spokane, Washington, and just forty-five minutes from the Spokane International Airport. We were all able to stay at the La Quinta Inn & Suites in Coeur d’Alene and that is where our meetings were held, also.

“Members from Germany, Canada and the US were in attendance this year. Beside our daily meetings, we had several opportunities for fellowshipping. Once again, we booked an early evening cruise and meal on one of the tour boats located on Lake Coeur d’Alene. Along with frequently dining out, we all got together at the Dockside Restaurant at the close of the Last Great Day services.

“Figpickels Toy Emporium and Mrs. Honeypeeps Sweet Shop became favorite destinations for our younger attendees and their more than willing parents! A Family Fun night featured some introductory humor along with pizza and fellowship. The special music, sermonettes and sermons all contributed to a deeply meaningful observance of the Feast of Tabernacles and Last Great Day. This year was a very special time of loving fellowship among the brethren.”

A report from Norbert and Mike Link on the Feast in Germany:

“We felt that this feast overall was the best one we have had in Germany. When viewing ‘problems’ during previous feasts regarding the hotel, members or attendees, as well as sicknesses, for example, this feast was far less stressful, and it flowed quite nicely. The weather was great throughout, which made available for plenty of outside activities including soccer, beach volleyball, go-carts, hiking and biking through the forests and along lake Lübbesee. One of the social highlights of the feast was the talent show and dance with the theme of ‘Black and White,’ which did not disappoint.

“We had people attending from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Slovenia, Thailand, USA, the UK, and Canada. Nine people were baptized at the feast, and we also ordained three deacons (Johann Schell, Mike Richter and Manuel Mueller), a deaconess (Silke Mueller), as well as two elders (Thilo Hanstein and Christoph Sperzel). In addition, elder Mike Link was raised to Pastor. The decision for ordinations and an interactive Bible study on ranks and functions in the church proved to be beneficial. We are growing in the German-speaking areas, not just in numbers, but also in the understanding that we have a job to do as we realize that time is getting shorter, and that it is crucial that we need to prepare ourselves NOW!

“Satan is busy and he is attacking in full force, perhaps as never before in recent history, and the Church of God is his main target. We know that he will continue to do so, and that is why we must not be ignorant of what his evil desires and devices are. Although uplifting and especially focusing on the wonderful future in the Millennium and beyond, the messages did also contain numerous warnings and admonitions to make sure that we will be strong in the days ahead; and the question whether we will ALL be at the Feast next year was brought up time and time again (We did find and commit to a new Feast site in Germany for next year, and more information is forthcoming). Sadly, we know that some will give up and leave the church and forsake God, due to false priorities, evil desires, sin, neglect of Bible study, prayer, meditation and fasting, or lack of stick-to-itiveness in the face of trials. We need to work out our own salvation with fear and trembling so that we can overcome successfully and don’t fall prey to this evil society, Satan and our own human nature.”

With Christian love,

Robb Harris