Preaching the Gospel and Feeding the Flock

“Abgoetterei im Buch der Richter” is the title of this week’s German sermon. Its English title would be: “Idolatry in the Book of Judges.” It also covers Christmas, Christmas trees, worship of the Queen of Heaven, speaks of Samson, Gideon, his ephod, and Jephthah, and discusses covetousness.

“Growing Antisemitism in Germany” is the title of our newest StandingWatch program and it is presented by Evangelist Norbert Link. This sobering video relates some of the ominous events in Europe that are developing and which will soon culminate in outright violence! Here is a summary: While German Chancellor Angela Merkel backs Israel and the Jewish people, many Germans are becoming more critical. The strong public support of a court decision banning circumcision in Germany is just one example. Antisemitism has had a long history, even though Jesus Christ, the early apostles and the early New Testament Church were Jewish. Sadly, recent Jewish reactions to imagined injuries have added to antagonistic German feelings. The good news is that once the Jewish people accept Jesus Christ as their God and King in the Millennium, anti-Semitism will become a thing of the past.
For those interested in even more details about Europe’s emerging role as a world power, please read our booklet, “Europe in Prophecy“–here is the Introduction:

“The Bible tells us to watch and be ready for the return of  Christ. But watch what? With so much going on in the world, how can we distinguish between important and unimportant news? Just where do we focus our attention?
“We see a European power bloc developing. We hear of right-wing activities in Germany and Austria. We listen to the Catholic Church proclaim that it is the only true Church of Christ. Some speculate that these developments could lead to a European economic superstate with one single currency, one political and military system, and even one religion. But would this be a good thing? Would such a Europe be on good terms with the United States of America? Just what does it all mean?
“As surprising as it may seem, what is developing in Europe has been foretold, and is happening exactly as prophesied in the pages of a very ancient book—­­the Holy Bible. God inspired the writings in His Book, and His prophecies are real. No man could have foreknown these things, nor could any man have had the power to direct such events to happen exactly as told. But Almighty God has done just that. And He has made it possible for us to know what He is doing in world affairs—past, present and future (Amos 3:7). Without viewing history through the pages of the Bible, we cannot correctly interpret current events. So let us see where God says these events are leading.”

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