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“Biblical Prophecy — From Now Until Forever,” is the title of our newest booklet. Written by Norbert Link, this publication is being sent to our graphics staff and will soon be forwarded on for printing. Please contact us for your own free copy if you are not already on our mailing list.

We have contacted our printer in the USA to reprint one of our most seccessful booklets, “Europe in Prophecy.”

In the current StandingWatch program, “Trouble Ahead-May God Help Us!,” Evangelist Norbert Link warns of the real problems ahead–ones that will far out-weigh our current domestic issues. The Summary: While America is trying to deal domestically with its economic problems, a far greater danger is looming internationally. Very few understand why European unification is inevitable, and why the euro will not disappear. All the doom-mongers have been proven wrong, including the world’s leading economists and investors, but they still don’t realize why their gloomy predictions have failed. However, European unification is not good news for America and Britain. The Bible tells us why, but most are unwilling to listen.

NOTE: For those interested, the audio version of this program will be played in select radio markets, beginning Sunday, January 27. Please check out the schedule, available at

“NEU! Sodoms Untergang, das Opfer Isaaks, und Vielehen in der Bibel,” is the title of this week’s new German sermon. It discusses Abraham’s plea for the righteous in Sodom and Sodom’s depravity and destruction; Abraham’s repeated lies regarding Sarah; the sacrifice of Isaac; the biblical concept of polygamy; and the nature of God’s promises to Abraham and his descendants.

The English title would be: “New! Sodom’s Destruction, the Sacrifice of Isaac, and Polygamy in the Bible.”

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