Preaching the Gospel and Feeding the Flock

The yearly conference of the Church of the Eternal God, Global Church of God (United Kingdom) and Church of God a Christian Fellowship (Canada) was conducted starting April 12 and continued through April 16. Meetings and activities were held in Fort Collins, Colorado.

During the weekly Sabbath, three men were ordained, and we are pleased to announce that Kalon Mitchell of Ramona, California, was ordained to the office of deacon; Michael Link of Ramona, California, was ordained to the office of elder; and Robb Harris of Fort Collins, Colorado, was also ordained to the office of elder.

We will announce more details about our very successful conference in our next monthly member letter.

A recent AufPostenStehen program recored by Evangelist Norbert Link and titled “Deutschland und Amerika in der Prophezeiung,” has received an unusally high level of interest! This German language program has received more than 5,200 views on YouTube in just two weeks time.

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