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A new StandingWatch program has been posted on the Web. It is titled, “Why No Peace in the Middle East?” Set forth below is a brief summary:

When observing the current events in the Middle East, a lasting peaceful and prosperous solution seems to be as elusive as ever. We are not here to assess blame, but just to report the events based on Biblical prophecy. The Bible shows indeed, how current events will lead to the ultimate fulfillment of a situation which has been clearly foretold a long time ago. Why is it that we are seemingly unable to create a peaceful and happy world?

StandingWatch responses from Google Video:

The following sets forth some of the all-time high responses to our StandingWatch programs, so far, posted on Google Video (These figures do not include views on and downloads from our StandingWatch Website):

Is Nuclear War Coming? —  1,245 views and 43 downloads
Ghosts of Departed Ones? — 695 views and 1 download
Da Vinci, Judas and a Fish — 613 views and 20 downloads
Afghanistan’s Radical Islam — 602 views and 15 downloads
Germany in Prophecy — 483 views and 13 downloads
666, the Beast and Antichrist — 477 views and 11 downloads
America’s Illegal Aliens — 441 views and 6 downloads
Evolution or the Bible — 379 views and 15 downloads
What Is Happening in Germany — 355 views and 4 downloads
American Hiroshima — 353 views and 13 downloads
The Pope Is Dead–What Is Next? — 330 views and 1 download

Totals of all programs posted on Google Video so far have been 9,308 views and 212 downloads.

Dwight Armstrong Hymns in Public Domain

Worldwide Church of God officials announced on June 26, 2006, that it is placing all Dwight Armstrong composed hymns to which it owns the copyright into the public domain. Effective immediately, any person or group who wishes to copy or use these hymns may do so without receiving permission from the Church. Church officials have said that the works released into the public domain are only those hymns by Dwight Armstrong to which  the Church holds the copyright. No other hymns or materials of any kind are being placed into the public domain, and the responsibility is on the user to ascertain whether the work it wishes to use is one of the released hymns.

With the copyright holder’s expression of intent to abandon the copyright to Dwight Armstrong’s hymns, they have now entered the public domain.

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