Preaching the Gospel and Feeding the Flock

The Global Church of God in the UK sent out a letter in May and June to the entire mailing list of over 2,400, with an offer to receive booklets, to be put on the list to automatically receive all new booklets, to receive the Statement of Beliefs, audio sermon tapes, member and co-worker letters and the weekly Update. The mailing produced an additional 103 people, not church members, being added to the circulation list to receive one booklet, or a combination of new booklets, tapes, letters and updates. Dozens of Statement of Beliefs were sent out together with hundreds of booklets. Responses are still being received.

Below are some of the comments received following this mailing.

“Very many thanks for the informative and very interesting booklets which you are kind enough to let me have and which I am happy to show to acquaintances and friends.”

“Thank you for your letter and offers of God’s truth. I would like some of your booklets (seven are listed) and sorry to ask for so many plus tapes and Statement of Beliefs. Do you charge for the tapes? I yearn for the Word of God. You are right–the world is on a self-destruct way of life and yes, we do need Jesus Christ to set up His Kingdom of God on earth. Man seems to be getting more and more selfish and not keeping God’s Commandments. Thanking you again.”

“May I convey my thanks for your booklets that you sent upon my request. I am horrified to find that I (as well as many others) have been led astray in many respects and aspects from the true path/way that God has set out for us: paganistic practices allowed in certain areas concerned with Christian values and so on. Also the keeping of God’s Holy Sabbaths and weekly Sabbaths on and at the correct times. There is far more that struck me as I continued my studies of your booklets. In some instances, I found that my ultimate conclusion about God always having been, and is and shall be forever, was in one of your booklets in black and white. This gladdened me very much.”

“Please find enclosed a contribution. Many thanks for your superb booklets.”

“Thank you for your letter. Please note that I do not believe on the Trinity and I have no church as most churches regard this as a heresy. So if you are different, I’d love to hear from you.”

“I received your books, ‘Europe in Prophecy’ and ‘America and Britain in Prophecy’ and found both very interesting and thought provoking. With the recent election of the new Pope (a German religious leader) it got me thinking again about the prophecies, so I joined your mailing list on the internet. I would like to ask that if you have any other free books or any other future publications please could you send them to me.”

“Thank you very much for your letter and tape (sermon). They were very welcome. As an ex-member of Worldwide, and now struggling alone, I am happy to receive all the materials I can get. Once again thank you and God bless you all and the work.”

“I have read many of your booklets in the past and think they are excellent and they have been very helpful indeed in helping to understand the meaning of Scripture.”

“I recently received a few of your books and found them very interesting. I was amazed to realize that most of the Christian churches don’t take the Bible literally. I am a member of (Church mentioned) and now rethinking their teachings on the Holy Ghost as the third member of the Godhead and their holy days. I would love to read the rest of the books I never ordered. Please send me the booklets listed on the opposite page. Thank you.”

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