Messing With Donald Trump?

I dare to admit it: I like Donald Trump. That is, I like someone who stands up for his views and does not generally buckle in the face of adversity. And even though he received a lot of rejection for many of his comments, he also got some recognition that he was not “all wrong” in what he was saying. Take, for example, his comments on Mexican immigrants which prompted a whirlwind of hostile reactions. Of course, in context, he never quite said what his opponents claim.

Here are his by now “infamous” words:

“When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best… They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems to us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.”

When challenged by CNN, he stood by his words, emphasizing the obvious—that he wasn’t talking about the Mexican people, many of whom he loves, but illegal immigrants, adding that “somebody’s doing the raping.”

That left-liberal Democrats and moderators are not supporting Trump is obvious. And even most conservative Republicans and commentators, being fearful that a close relationship with him might backfire on them, are reluctant to publically side with Trump. But some few have decided to throw all caution to the wind, saying (as Ted Cruz did) that “Trump speaks the truth.” Ann Coulter agrees, alleging that the mainstream media covers up the many sex crimes committed by Mexican illegal immigrants, adding that the “rate of rape in Mexico is even higher than in India.”

The National Review editor grudgingly consented with some of Trump’s comments in an article, titled, “Sorry, Donald Trump Has a Point,” continuing, “NBC, Univision and Macy’s have all thrown The Donald under the bus… The companies fleeing from Trump were happy to be in bed with him so long as it suited their business interests…  The point surely could be made much more deftly by anyone not named Donald J. Trump. In the meantime, he fills the vacuum, and enjoys the whirlwind.”

Especially America’s mainstream press and also media outlets in Europe (left and right) portray Trump as a villain, a lunatic, a showman, a joke and a laughing stock. Germany’s mass tabloids seem to find the most disadvantageous photographs of him when they “report” about “The Donald.”

In turn, Trump fires back, and his popularity in the USA rises as a consequence. He has not many kind words for politicians from either party. But it would be dishonest to question the accuracy of the following statements (which he made in one of his interviews with Newsmax TV):

“A politician is all talk, no action. They’re not going to get us to the Promised Land… They’re controlled by lobbyists, they’re controlled by their donors, they’re controlled by special interests. … If you’re looking at making our country great again, they’re not going to do it.”

Now, Trump has not always been following through, either. When neither Republicans nor Democrats were willing to publically question Barack Obama’s claim of being born in the USA (a necessity for becoming President), Trump dared to challenge the “evidence,” but he subsequently buckled when a copy of a long-form birth certificate was produced, allegedly “proving” that Mr. Obama was born in Hawaii. Some feel that Trump should not have given in, as in their evaluation, too many unresolved questions remain to this day. They point at the declaration of some analysts that the birth certificate was a fraud. They speak of the death in a plane crash of the governmental official providing the copy of the birth certificate and “affirming” its accuracy—even though Trump found the plane crash to be mysterious. They refer to the uncontested affidavit of Mr. Obama’s grandmother claiming that she was present when he was born in Kenya; and the proclamation of Mr. Obama’s publisher for many years that he was born in Indonesia.

Whatever the case, it seems that Trump may have learned from the past and is now even more determined to run with what has been given to him. No doubt, he will encounter much more opposition in the months ahead from just about every corner. Sadly, in this present evil world, even if he ended up in a high governmental position, he would still not be able to make a substantial difference, because our man-made faulty governmental system would prevent this from happening. It will require the return of Jesus Christ to build a new world from the ruins of a totally destroyed planet. Earth, under Satan’s rule, will be in shambles, caused by man’s greed, injustice, incompetence and his terrible wars.

Even though I can by no means agree with and approve of all of Donald Trump’s words, concepts, methods and courses of action, it is still refreshing to see that someone is apparently willing to cast off the shackles of fearful political correctness and speak his mind—pronouncing what he seems to truly believe, without “retracting” and “apologizing.”

How much more should we, as Christians in God’s service, cry aloud and spare not and show our people their sins and transgressions and identify the rotten EVILS of this world and its total lack of morality, while proclaiming with BOLDNESS and CONVICTION the gospel message of the Kingdom of God and Christ’s soon-coming return in POWER and GLORY? But even though timid lip services to this godly commission might be given occasionally, how many are REALLY willing to follow through with it without compromising, especially when faced with opposition and rejection?

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