No Exit Doors!

by Aurora Agbayani

In one of our connecting flights on our way to the Feast of Tabernacles, my husband and I were assigned seats by the EXIT doors of the plane. Realizing this, I requested for him to be transferred to a more convenient one and I remained at my assigned seat. As the flight attendant finished with her pre-flight emergency announcements, she approached every passenger seated by the Exit doors and asked if they were willing to help in a time of emergency. Being one of them, I said yes without hesitation, even though I didn’t have a clue of how ready and willing I would be if the situation were to arise. She gave us a brief demonstration of what to do and how to give instructions and guide the rest of the passengers to safety. I just thought to myself, as long as I followed instructions, I’ll be fine.

This reminded me of what we as firstfruits will be doing when Christ establishes His Kingdom here on earth. Under His authority, we will help rebuild the earth as God has initially planned it to be. We will be instructing and guiding the people in following God’s Way of life. We will be ready and will be well equipped for the task.

Tracing back my journey from different churches, this made me realize how much I didn’t know about God’s Word before coming into the true Church of God; what will become of me in the future or even what God’s plan is for me. All I learned before was based on man’s teaching and understanding. I see all of that now as meaningless and just empty words. I can clearly understand now the difference of my way of life and how God really wants me to live. My wayward lifestyle is now being corrected and is following a path laid out by my Creator. I thank God for patiently leading and guiding me and opening my understanding to learn His Word and the true gospel of the Kingdom of God.

I know I still have a lot to learn and I should be careful to not be complacent or even take things for granted. It’s very encouraging whenever I am with the brethren as I continue to learn from them and see how much more I need to change in my life.

My task today is to get ready – I am being trained, taught and prepared for my future role. I am so thankful for having been called out of this world and to be a part of God’s Master plan. I am more inspired to not only be a hearer but most especially – a doer. I can accomplish this by using the tools I have today: prayer, Bible study, meditation and occasional fasting. God knows my heart and my desire to continue to learn with zeal and not to become weary whenever I fall/fail, for He is always there to help me get up and strive to be sure of my calling.

I know that when Christ returns, there will be no exit doors in the Kingdom, as people will be living peacefully, dwelling safely without walls or gates – a time I look forward to and be a part of, knowing that God wants to see me make it into His Kingdom.

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