Preaching the Gospel and Feeding the Flock

Please note that we are requesting anyone who is interested in attending the 2015 Feast of Tabernacles with us in the USA or in Germany to contact us with your request.

“Better Off Now?” is the title of the sermon presented by Kalon Mitchell last Sabbath. Here is a summary:

When we become baptized and a member of the Church, how does our life change? Does it change for the better or worse? A lot depends on our attitude and how we look at life. Are we better off now that we have become members of the Body of Christ?

“No Escape from Death,” is the title of the sermonette presented by Norbert Link this past Sabbath. Here is a summary:

We do not know when we will die, but we do know that we will die. Death is inescapable, and so we need to be prepared. How will we die? Will our day of death be better than our day of birth? Will we die the death of a righteous person? Will we be blessed in death? Will death have lost its sting for us? Will the crown of life await us?

“Was ist das Malzeichen des Tieres?” is the title of this week’s German sermon. In English, the title is: “What is the Mark of the Beast?”

Global Trailer 24 – “Baptism – A Requirement for Salvation,” has been presented by Pastor Brian Gale. Here is a summary:

We have presented in this booklet the biblical proof that water baptism through immersion is a necessary requirement for salvation. Without it, there is no promise in the Bible of receiving God’s Holy Spirit, and without God’s Spirit dwelling in us, we are not true Christians, and God will not grant us His gift of everlasting life in His Kingdom.

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