Preaching the Gospel and Feeding the Flock

compiled by Dave Harris

We are very pleased to announce that Arne Tengelsen, from Canada, was baptized this week by Pastor Rene Messier. Welcome to the Church of God, Mr. Tengelsen.

“Killing Sabbath-Keeping Aliens,” is the title of a new StandingWatch program, presented by Evangelist Norbert Link. Here is a summary:

A new science-fiction movie, titled “The Tomorrow War,” describes the “need” to destroy hostile Sabbath-keeping aliens, called “White Spikes” who have been on this planet for a long time without having been noticed. What is of concern is an old demonic prophecy which contains astonishing and frightening parallels.

“Evil Empires and Evil People—Wild Beasts of the Bible,” a new booklet written by Evangelist Norbert Link, has been sent to our printer. This will be posted on our website soon, and hard copies will be mailed to our subscribers. Please contact us if you would like to receive a copy.

“Wann werden wir Gott den Vater sehen?” is the title of this Sabbath’s new German sermon, presented by Norbert Link. Title in English: “When Will We See God the Father?”

“Gott lachet ihrer,” is the title of last Sabbath’s German sermonette, presented by Dmitrij Niemann. Title in English: “God Scoffs at You.”

“Don’t Harden Your Heart,” the sermon presented last Sabbath by Norbert Link, is now posted. Here is a summary:

The most-known example of a man who hardened his heart and thereby refused to submit to the Will of God was probably the Pharaoh at the time of the Exodus. But the Bible contains many more examples of people who hardened their heart, and even Christ’s own disciples were not immune. What are the inevitable consequences of a proud, hardened, bitter, rebellious and unrepentant heart?

“Are You Searching For God?” is the title of last Sabbath’s sermonette, presented by Kalon Mitchell.

We will observe the Feast of Tabernacles and Last Great Day for 2021, in Rapid City, South Dakota, and near Düsseldorf, Germany.  If you would like more information, check out our websites:  ;

FALL HOLY DAYS for 2021:

September 7          Feast of Trumpets

September 16        Day of Atonement

September 21-27  Feast of Tabernacles

September 28        Last Great Day

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