Preaching the Gospel and Feeding the Flock

“Do You Know the Jesus of the Bible?” is the subject of a new booklet promotion begun this week. Through emails, press releases and Facebook ads, we are focusing attention to the Church’s webpage: Special thanks to September Danforth-Prentice for her work on this project.

“Turmoil in the Middle East,” is the title of a powerful new StandingWatch program. In this presentation, Evangelist Norbert Link reveals the meaning of world events happening now in the light of Bible prophecies! Here is a summary:

We need to focus on the Middle East because it is there where World War III will begin. In this special program, we will be discussing events pertaining to Iran, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Jordan, Israel, Egypt , Syria, Libya, Ethiopia and ISIS. We will also address growing anti-Semitism in Europe and the strained relationship between Israel and the EU. We will explain how these events fit into the panorama of biblical prophecy, and what we can expect to occur next.

“Ist das Gesetz für uns tot?” is the title of this coming Sabbath’s German sermon. The title in English: “Is the Law Dead for Us?”

Scorn and Ridicule for God and His People” is the title of the sermon presented last Sabbath by Norbert Link. Here is a summary:

The Bible shows us that especially in these end times, many will scoff at God, His Word, His servants and His people. We should not be surprised when we are ridiculed and scorned. Those who may know us and do not approve of our new way of life may look for “reasons” to mock us and speak evil of us–because they themselves may not want to change. But we must also be careful that we do not unnecessarily provoke ridicule through our own conduct.

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