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Church of the Eternal God Announces Booklet, “Punishment for Our Sins”

San Diego, CA. — July 12, 2016 — The Church of the Eternal God announces the availability of its free booklet, “Punishment for Our Sins”. This booklet provides many answers to the questions surrounding life after death, and ultimate punishment for our sins.

Many believe that if they’ve lived a good life, they will go to heaven when they die. Others worry that because they sinned much in their life, they will end up in hell to be tormented forever. But, do we have an immortal soul that keeps living that will ultimately end up in such places? How do we receive punishment for our sins – what exactly happens at the end of our physical existence?

The Bible clearly shows that the concept of an immortal soul is erroneous. Death is simply a sleep without consciousness until a resurrection from the dead. So how will punishment for sins take place then? We read in John 5:28–29 that all who are in their graves will come forward when they hear the voice of the Son of Man – those who have done what is good will rise to live, and those who have done what is evil will rise to be judged.

The author of the booklet, Evangelist Norbert Link explained: “God is merciful and has great compassion. Upon sincere repentance, He will forgive sins and undoubtedly reduce any punishment for a repentant sinner to the absolute minimum. However, we should not think that there will be no accounting for sins, even after true repentance. But it is only those who rebelliously and irrevocably refuse to submit to God that will be destroyed permanently in the lake of fire.”

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