Self Examination

We have just concluded the Days of Unleavened Bread, which is a time of self-examination and re-evaluation of our relationship with God and Christ. The purpose has been to compare ourselves with ourselves in order to determine what kind of person we were a year ago and today; and to make any necessary corrections.

Keeping sin out of our lives is not just a weekly occasion, which can be neglected during the rest of the year. No person would vacuum a room every day for a week and then let it sit for a year, expecting it to remain clean. It is the same with our lives. We have to look at ourselves and make an effort on a continual basis to remove sin and to keep it out. A slight physical course deviation can cause us to miss the mark completely; similarly, a small spiritual deviation can cause us to end in a devastating disaster.

It is easy to get distracted so that we may miss a physical goal or mark. In the same manner, a little sin, which is compared with leaven, can cause us to totally miss the spiritual mark, if not dealt with. That is why we must continually evaluate the course of our lives, looking to God for direction and correction when required.

Christ makes the statement that we are not to look back and yearn for our old ways once we put our hand to the plow. Luke 9:62 tells us:  “But Jesus said to him, ‘No one having put his hand to the plow and looking back is fit for the kingdom of God.’”

Once we make the commitment to follow and obey God, He takes it seriously, and it is not a light thing to turn back from that commitment since it could lead to the loss of our eternal salvation. That is why it is important to stay focused and on course and to use daily the tool of self-examination which enables us to see the need to remove sin, so that we can attain the promise of eternal life in God’s Kingdom. When we fall short by sinning, we must quickly repent and move forward towards the Kingdom of God, knowing that it is God’s good pleasure to give us His Kingdom.

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