Selling My Birthright?

by Delia Messier (Canada)

We have been taught that today only very few are called and chosen to know God and to worship Him in spirit and in truth. The exciting fact is that I am one of those very privileged few—a begotten child,  part of His firstfruits, waiting to be born into the Royal Family of God as one of His spiritual daughters, and to share His joy eternally!

Each day I realize that this is the greatest and most wonderful opportunity, privilege and promise on earth, which God has given to me! Each day and moment I have a choice  to make:  To do God’s Will  or my will.

Do I allow my will to prevail, no matter how small? Do those very small things even count? Or are they— in the end—very big things?

Could it really be that—for that very small bowl of pottage—I could be “Selling my Birthright”?

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