The Church Does Not Have Perfect People

This sermon looks at some of the problems in the early Corinthian church as well as problems experienced more recently, and what our response should be particularly with the Passover coming up in the future.
The first letter to the Corinthians, as well as other parts of the New Testament, describe all sorts of problems that were extant in the church at that time.  Some of these things seemed to be consuming member’s lives to the point where they were focused on themselves and on the concerns of their immediate physical world, losing their focus on God, His Commandments and His purpose for their lives.  We face the same challenges today.  Unless we take the time to draw close – and stay close to God – and determine to live by His instructions – we too can lose our focus with all the disastrous consequences that that can have.  We need to ensure that our focus is where it should be, and the Passover season is the time to make any vital course corrections that may be necessary.

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