NATO: No Protection for Israel

NATO General Secretary Jens Stoltenberg explained that Israel could not rely on protection from NATO in case of an Iranian attack. Whether Israel would receive help from the EU and Germany is highly doubtful, as there is a “divide between Europe and Israel.” Benjamin Netanyahu and Angela Merkel are “miles apart” and on “diametrically opposite sides” on the Iran issue. Iran has announced that it will  “increase its nuclear enrichment capacity,” and that Israel “must be eradicated.” What WILL the future bring?

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Germany to Fill the Military Void?

We have told you for decades that the relationship between the USA and Europe under German leadership will become more and more fragile, and that a united Europe will step into the breach when the USA draws back, declines and collapses. Recent events and biblical prophecy prove the accuracy of our assertions. Are you AWARE as to what is happening before your very eyes?

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The Real Herbert W. Armstrong

The Church of the Eternal God and its corporate worldwide affiliates teach as major doctrines those which were taught by Herbert W. Armstrong, as derived from the Bible. Much has been written and said about Herbert Armstrong, but very little resembles the truth. In this program, we present to you the real Herbert Armstrong and explain the end-time commission and purpose of God’s true Church. We also offer our free booklet on the “Authority of the Bible.”

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