Coming… a worldwide Dictatorship

The whole world is being prepared today for accepting a global autocratic dictatorship. Its beginning is already manifesting itself on the world scene. Do you know what is happening, and why, and that the Bible has prophesied this end-time development thousands of years ago?

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Wrong German Reactions to ISIL’s Murders

Dangerous developments in Germany; a misunderstanding of ISIS and Islam; and false postulations from the two major Christian churches–how are these events connected? While every decent human being must be appalled by the murderous, barbaric and demonical activities of ISIS and their monstrous deeds, we must not forget the clear biblical teachings for true Christians; nor must we resort to “politically correct” excuses when describing the Koran and Islamists. But these developments and current events are in clear fulfillment of biblical prophecy. We are offering three free booklets: Germany in Prophecy; Europe in Prophecy; and Should You Fight in War?

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