Comments on News and Prophecy (August 18, 2018)

In this new feature, we are commenting on our age of selfishness; the worst-case chaotic scenario of a “no deal Brexit”; the biblical prophecy of a third temple prior to Christ’s return and the ignorance of those who reject this truth; the reasons for Turkey’s fight with the USA; the future of Romania; military parades and the Millennium; Florida’s red tide; and the autocratic rule of the “dictator pope.” We also address the biblical reasons for ordinations.

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What’s in Store for Totalitarian Turkey?

The current migrant crisis in Europe has set the stage for a temporarily friendly relationship between Germany and Turkey, with grave consequences for the future. Most people, especially in the USA and the UK, are totally ignorant about what the Bible prophesies in this regard and how they will be affected directly by these developments, culminating in nuclear warfare, defeat in war and captivity, and the worst time in human history. It is high time to wake up, as our personal survival is a stake. We are offering two free booklets, “Middle Eastern and African Nations in Bible Prophecy” and “Germany in Prophecy.”

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Why the Hatred for Israel?

Israel stands condemned. Anti-Semitism and hatred for Jews can be again observed worldwide. This program gives you some truly shocking examples and explains from history why there is continuing war and strife in the Middle East, and what constitutes the only solution for peace in that region.

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Syria, Iran and Turkey…What’s Next?

Events in Syria, Iran and Turkey-as well as the entire Middle East and Africa-are of significance and importance in the light of biblical prophecies. But only very few know where they are leading. Is America’s decision to send arms to Syrian rebels a wise move, or will it only cause more problems? Will Iran’s new leader bring about real change for the country and the world? Even if he wanted to do this, could he? And why are demonstrating Turks outraged with their leader? Is it just about some trees in a park-or is the cause much deeper? And what does it all mean?

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