No Exit from Brexit

Many are speculating whether Great Britain might reverse the decision of the majority of the people to leave the EU, but political reality and the Bible rule out this possibility. In addition, due to the Brexit, remarkable developments are occurring in continental Europe, paving the way for the further fulfillment of biblical prophecy.

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One Step Closer to UK’s Exit from EU

The Bible strongly suggests that the UK will leave the EU, and recent events might have accelerated the process. Mail On Line accused the EU of outrageous conduct of a despotic colonial power, while Germany accused the UK of hypocritical behavior. In any event, calls for the UK to withdraw from the EU intensified. This program explains what is behind the most recent upheaval, and why we are confident that the UK will find itself soon outside the confines of the EU, which will, in turn, signal the beginning of a devastating and all-encompassing world war. We offer our free booklet, “The Great Tribulation and the Day of the Lord.”

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