Putin Won Big Time in Geneva

President Biden’s meeting with Vladimir Putin in Geneva has been described by many as a disaster for Biden and a great victory for Putin. What happened? The previous meeting with European leaders during the G7 summit did not go that well for Biden either. Why? Does the Bible tell us what will occur soon?

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Hostility between Germany and the USA Continues—Comments on News and Prophecy, June 6, 2020

Angela Merkel refused to join the G7, to be hosted by Donald Trump at the end of June, who reacted with anger and postponed the entire summit until this fall. Germany sided with the protests in the USA against police brutality and racial discrimination and openly declared that they are done with Trump. In response, Trump announced that he will withdraw about 9,500 American troops from Germany, causing a sharp rebuke from German governmental officials. Germany also announced that while they will be allowing Europeans to travel freely throughout Europe by June 15, this will not include Americans. Where will this continuing alienation and hostility lead?

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