Is Another Holocaust Coming Soon?

On November 9, 2019, the world remembered the “Kristallnacht” (“The Night of Broken Glass”) in Nazi Germany, leading to the Holocaust. Many fear that another Holocaust could happen, and recent events, opinion polls and governmental decisions seem to support this concern. Anti-Semitism is clearly on the rise throughout the world, including in Germany and continental Europe, the United Kingdom and the USA.

Germany Will Dumbfound the World

Most will be caught by utter surprise when developments in Germany will occur in the not-too-distant future, which will affect the entire world. History will repeat itself, and so we should learn from historical mistakes. Especially the incredibly sad US politics and reports of the American mainstream media about the Hitler regime in its early years gives us strong indications as to what will happen again… but next time, the rude awakening will come far too late for most.

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