Why Canada’s Justin Trudeau Is so Dangerous

Recently, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s official statement about the death of Cuba’s Fidel Castro in November of 2016 resurfaced in the news, and his comments are indeed stunning and extremely revealing in light of what is happening in Canada right now. Trudeau’s declarations in 2016 were strongly condemned, but might reflect how Trudeau ticks. This program analyzes the actions of dictator Fidel Castro and compares them with what is happening in Canada right now.

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Ongoing Tensions between Saudi Arabia and Iran… Where Will They Lead?

This program discusses the highly explosive situation in the Middle East, involving Saudi Arabia and Iran… or more precisely, the age-old battle between Sunni and Shiite Muslims. Why is there so much animosity between these two rival branches of Islam? Have we reached a “point of no return,” and are we facing a bloody civil war, leading to the destruction of the Saudi monarchy or the defeat of Iran? Will there be a Mahdi in these end times? Our free booklet, “Middle Eastern and African Nations in Bible Prophecy,” gives you the answers to these puzzling questions.

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