Is California’s Big Earthquake About to Strike?

Numerous significant earthquakes occurred this week all over the world, and many of these in countries which are part of the “Ring of Fire.” These tremors have raised concerns that California’s “Big One”—a destructive earthquake of magnitude 8.0 or greater—may be looming. How real is that danger? Scientists, history and biblical prophecy confirm that the distinct possibility of such a devastating earthquake is much more imminent than many may realize.

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Will the UN Prevent World War III?

On September 19, 2017, President Trump addressed the UN and placed it on notice as to what the USA is prepared to do if the UN does not succeed. From its inception, the UN has been a failed body of competitive hostile nations. Listen to the report of an accredited journalist who attended the UN’s first conference in April of 1945 in San Francisco, and judge for yourself whether matters have greatly improved since then. The truth is, no human body will prevent World War III, but ultimately man will experience enduring peace. This program shows you why and how.

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America’s Persecution of Churches

Do we realize that the left-liberal state and government-sponsored agenda, supporting same-sex marriages, gay and transgender people, has been causing increased persecution of churches and Christians, with no end in sight?  Do we understand that conservatives are jumping on the same bandwagon? Schools, pastors, church teachings and church functions are under attack as never before. But God does not approve, and the Bible speaks with authority on this issue.
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LGBT Pride, Gay Parades and the Bible

An openly transgender priest and an openly gay priest speak in the US Episcopal Church. Catholic Nancy Pelosi asks San Francisco Archbishop Cordileone, not to participate at a march for traditional marriage, as some of the participants might show hate or disdain for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) persons. President Obama designates June as LGBT Pride Month. The US Embassy in Tel Aviv raises a rainbow flag to show America’s support for the celebration of LGBT Pride Week and the biggest gay parade in the Middle East. Those who dare to criticize these developments are labeled as despisers of mankind and in violation of democratic values. Did you know that God condemns all of this very strongly in His Word, the Bible?

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