Killing Sunday-Keeping Aliens?

In our last StandingWatch program, titled, “Killing Sabbath-Keeping Aliens,” we spoke about the science fiction movie, The Tomorrow War, pointing out that these hostile aliens were keeping and resting on the seventh day—the Sabbath—and had to be destroyed. The question arose whether the reference to the seventh day—the Sabbath—was not actually a reference to Sunday. Is Sunday the biblical Sabbath? What is the Truth?

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Quarrelling with God over being gay?

Breitbart reported that IN Mayor Pete Buttigieg, who is openly gay and married to his husband Chasten, recently stated that his marriage has moved him closer to God and that those who have a problem with his sexual orientation (such as Vice President Mike Pence) are quarrelling with his creator. He also said, according to CNN, that those who don’t share his views are hypocrites and act in a way not consistent with scripture taught in church. What DOES God’s Word say about all of this?

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