Missile Hits Poland

The recent episode involving a missile hitting Poland shows how quickly a nuclear world war could begin.

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Biden’s Ministry of Truth and Consequences of the Ukraine War—Comments on News and Prophecy, May 14, 2022

In this program, we speak on the formation of the new “Disinformation Governance Board”, warning of the dangers of such a body and of the people involved who are being accused of having a history of spreading lies and misinformation… which, according to some, can also be said, allegedly, of the US government itself over many years. It is contended that the formation of the new body manifests the ever-growing move towards total dictatorship within the USA. We also speak on the consequences of the war in Ukraine for the USA and for the entire world—including the depletion of America’s weapons and famine for many countries.
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Germany Was Never a Pacifist Power

It has been recently alleged that due to the Afghanistan debacle and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Germany has given up its pacifist stance to become more engaged in military activities. But as this program shows, Germany was never a pacifist power, and Bible prophecy tells us what Germany will do very soon.

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Pope Francis and War… Right or Wrong?

Are there no just wars, as Pope Francis claims? Are we really facing self-destruction, if we do not abolish war now, as the Pope also said? But if this is so, what are the Pope’s solutions to our problems? How does he think that peace will spread throughout the world?

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Will the Relationship between the USA and Europe Improve?

Some are hopeful that the relationship between the USA and the EU, which has not been that good, will get better substantially because of the new US Administration. Others are not so sure, or they even doubt it very much. Listen to many articles from national and international liberal and conservative sources to note what their take is on the matter.

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America’s departure and Germany’s future—Comments on News and Prophecy, August 8, 2020

The decision to remove some 12,000 troops out of Germany is a “sign—not a good—one of what lies ahead.” Almost half of Germans welcome the withdrawal of US troops, showing that the relationship between Germany and the USA has never been that good… but it is getting worse. At the same time, what will happen to Germany when, as prophesied, it is being attacked with nuclear weapons, and could China, Russia and Iran play a decisive role in that regard?

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The Rise and Fall of the Beast

The Old Testament Book of Habakkuk contains prophecies for our time. It predicts the rise of the modern Chaldeans under a political and military leader, the beast, to destroy the modern descendants of the ancient houses of Israel and Judah. We are also told that God will use the modern Medes to destroy the end-time Babylonian system. In spite of all the terrible warnings of worldwide destruction, the Book of Habakkuk contains a message of hope and encouragement for His people and the reassurance of God’s righteousness and unlimited almighty power.

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Trump’s “Irresponsible” and “Incompetent” European Travel Ban

Indeed, “incompetent” and “irresponsible” are words which were used to describe President Trump’s European travel ban to “protect” against the “foreign” coronavirus, and much more drastic words have been uttered. The condemnation of his latest action without notice, which contradicted everything which he had said earlier, is worldwide, for different reasons. Panic and fear are engulfing this entire Satan-ruled world, and wide-ranging decisions with huge devastating consequences are being made which will also destroy our entire economy. Where will all of this lead, and what can YOU do about it?

Freedom from Captivity

The Feast of Trumpets is known under several Hebrew names and includes the blowing of seven trumpets by God’s angels. The seventh trumpet announces unique events which have never happened before in the history of man. This sermon concentrates mainly on the freedom from slavery of the modern descendants of the ancient houses of Israel and Judah. We will show WHY such a future captivity of war will occur and who will bring it about. We will also address God’s protection for His people during the coming times of trouble.

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Will America Be Defeated Soon in WWIII?

Is it even conceivable that the USA, as well as the UK and Israel, could suffer outright military defeat in a coming war which has been described as the most devastating war ever? Some military experts believe so. Will WWIII be finally the war to end all wars? If so, then not in the way you and I would wish. Do end-time biblical prophecies provide us with a clear picture as to what is going to happen soon?

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