There’s More To It!

by Joe Bourque

I recently read that I am instructed to be a light to the world and an ambassador of God. I am to stand up for the Word of God, be happy, polite, humble, thankful and above all, have fervent love for each other and God, as He was so gracious to give us this life.

Recent events though have proven that there is more to it!  I had the chance to defend what I believe in my Christian life.  I found myself stumped as what to say when God was blamed for a serious medical condition.  I didn’t have much success comforting and convincing this person that God wasn’t at fault, let alone trying to convince him that God would take care of him one way or another, because we were all praying for him.

This and the recent death of a family member made me realize that I need to be more prepared to give an answer. I know there is not much we can say to people that are of the world and don’t know God, but what if God was to call these people?  There’s more to it than knowing for myself as I may be the one who will be the light of direction for them.

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