Current Events

In this issue, we are focusing on events pertaining to Donald Trump and his fight with the Republican political establishment and Fox News. To be clear, we are not endorsing or promoting ANY political candidate for the Presidency; nor do we take any political position. In fact, we are against voting in governmental elections, as true Christians are not to be part of this world and God commands them to separate themselves from the political affairs of this world. This month’s new member letter is addressing this point as well.

 However, we are duty-bound to report news developments in the light of biblical prophecy. Ever since Donald Trump announced his bid for the presidency, we have been observing an interesting and quite unusual phenomenon. Even though Trump has made outrageous statements which would have disqualified any other candidate, those rules do not seem to apply to Trump. In fact, his popularity seems to be rising consistently.

 The Republican establishment and the conservative media do not know what to do with him. The more they attack, the more it seems to back-fire on them.

 We do not say that Trump will or will not be able to go all the way, but it is clear that he has struck a nerve. The American people are fed up with the political correctness of candidates who are afraid of addressing real issues.

 In the light of biblical prophecy, these developments are remarkable. The Bible is clear that due to the sins of the people and their leaders, the USA is doomed. The world will hate America more and more and a United States of Europe will finally launch a successful military attack against the USA. It is obvious that a weak, apologetic and indecisive American leadership would not induce a major power bloc to begin a war with the USA. Rather, America would continue to become a laughing-stock that no one would treat seriously. But it would be quite a different story with a strong American leader who would try to “make America great again,” while “antagonizing” the rest of the world in the process.

 It is therefore incumbent for us to watch these remarkable developments, as they are unfolding.

Other news in this issue address astonishing revelations in Hillary Clinton’s emails regarding David Cameron and a possible Brexit; the fight over the Iran deal; the situation in Greece; Germany’s gain of 100 billion euros from the Greece crisis; ongoing violence in and surrounding Turkey; growing religious Zionism in Israel; the wait for a red heifer; the call of British and German governments for a crackdown on migrants; the fear that Putin is preparing for war against Germany; China’s devaluation; the disaster of Durango; and further nonsense regarding “gender equality” and human marriages with machines, as well as frightening developments regarding “robot armies.”

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