This Week in the News

We begin with reports about some pitiful and highly embarrassing statements by the pope; continue with a made-up story about a child who allegedly died and went to heaven; brief you on a sickening case of “legal” “child kidnapping” through law enforcement; report on President Obama’s sixth State of the Union Address; discuss developments in Germany and the government’s mishandling of the situation pertaining to PEGIDA and the “darker” side of the movement; report about the alleged existence of 20 sleeper cells in Europe; and speak of the desire of the EU to forge an alliance with Muslim countries against Islamists.

We continue with the situation in war-torn Ukraine and Russia’s threats, which deeply unsettle the EU; speak of the growing alienation between the EU and the UK; and address the highly controversial killing of Argentina’s prosecutor Alberto Nisman as well as developments in Saudi Arabia and Yemen.

We conclude with a piece on Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg who saved the lives of more than a hundred thousand Jews, only to disappear in a Russian gulag at the end of World War II.  A hero in his own right, we are drawing some remarkable parallels between his legacy and today’s commission of the Church of God.

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